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Are you looking for a plasterer that works to the highest standards while keeping prices affordable? At Skimfast Plastering, we provide this service on a daily basis. We are an established, local company that has built a reputation for high quality, low-cost plastering and rendering. Skimfast is based in Whitwell which in easy reach of Sheffield. We cover a wide area that includes South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. 

When booking someone to plaster or render your wall or ceiling, it is important that your tradesman is experienced, efficient, and tidy. Plastering can become messy if the job is in the wrong hands. The less plaster that is wasted, the lower the price and tidier your home will be.

We ensure that all your plastering requirements are met and that your wall has the perfect finish. It’s also important that we leave your home in a respectable state. Upon completing your plastering, we make sure that everything from the job is tidied up properly.

What is plastering? 


Plastering is the method of covering uneven surfaces and rough walls within the development of homes and other buildings with a material called plaster, which can be a mix of cement concrete and sand in conjunction with the required amount of water.

This process became so ubiquitous that the word “plastered” came into use as an adjective meaning rough or unfinished (such as “plastered ceilings”). A great deal of knowledge is involved in the execution of plastering and it has become a very specialised trade.

Like any other skilled craft or trade, (such as plumbing, carpentry, or painting), plastering depends on the control of hard materials which can cause damage to property and people. By learning how to control these materials and handle them with care and safety in mind, a plasterer is able to gain an understanding of the materials and their properties before they are ever applied to a surface. This understanding allows him/her to prepare for when problems may occur during the plastering process.

The DIY option - can I plaster or render a wall?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then plastering your wall might seem like something you can easily accomplish. However, the construction industry has developed guidelines for installing plaster in walls. These systems have evolved over time and have been revised as technology has advanced, to make it easier for plasterers to adhere to regulations while ensuring that their work can still be conducted in the safest way possible.

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