The best plaster cornices for you and your home.

A plaster cornice is often the chosen decorative finish for a room, adding depth and character to the ceiling line. But it can have a very functional role too as a weatherproof barrier between other facades and the elements.

Originally stone or plaster cornices were used to smooth the joint between a wall and any horizontal feature, such as a ceiling.

Cornices were traditionally used for decoration but they also serve a functional purpose as a weatherproof barrier between walls and the roof. They can be made from a range of materials, including stone, wood and plaster which add depth and character to a room’s design. Plaster cornices are now mostly used to soften the transition between two surfaces with the same s treatment or two different surface treatments. While cornices have aesthetic value to add interest to your home, they also serve a practical purpose by creating an air cavity between the roof and wall. The cavity is also useful for helping protect the interior space from water damage during inclement weather.

At Skimfast Plastering we offer a range of cornice profiles, from classical to contemporary, with the right one to suit your requirements and budget.

What plaster cornices do we offer?

We stock a lovely range of ready-made decorative plaster cornices in different styles, some moulded onsite. These cover most requirements but can also be modified to meet individual needs – simply contact us and we’ll advise you how we can achieve what you need.

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