3 Advantages Of Using Multi Finish Plaster

Multi finish plaster can be used on any background including brickwork, suction boards and mesh, and also as a surface coat or in an undercoat for new work.

Why use a Multi Finish Plaster?

This versatile final coat plaster provides good results on all suction backgrounds, and so is the best choice where undercoating techniques are to be followed with boards or mesh background where square edges are required.

It can be applied in either one or two coats (two being preferred) both as a surface coat to provide a scratch-resistant surface, or as an integral part of the wall itself with a finish coat of pointing cement mixed with two parts sand. This mixture can also be added to the undercoat for a quick, hydrophobic surface.

Multi finish plaster can also be fixed on to walls as a mudding and finishing coat for walls in damp situations.  It is easy to mix by hand, and should be stirred before use so that it remains even in consistency.

Multi finish plaster