What is Coloured Render?

It is a new form of rendering that has taken the market by surprise, it is much more than just paint as there are many types of coloured render products on the market today. The reason that coloured render was introduced was to offer people an alternative to previous conventional paints and chalky/claggy looking renders.

It has been designed to look like stonework but with a much cooler softer appearance. With coloured render you can get a very realistic concrete effect, which looks great in residential or commercial settings.

It is a much more cost effective way of rendering your property than using old fashioned paints. It is a very popular form of rendering amongst tradespeople.

It can also be used to give complete facades on homes and commercial buildings alike a unique look, which has been designed to blend in with the surrounding area. Most people nowadays want their homes or business premises to stand out from the crowd, so using it is a great way of achieving that.

Coloured Render